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Home Inspection Prineville OR Madras OR: Buying a home is often times the biggest investment you will ever make.  Basic home maintenance can often be done by anyone and can go a long ways in preventing costly repairs down the road.  The best investment you will ever make is hiring a licensed home inspector to thoroughly check out your home (whether buying, selling or if it’s just been awhile since you’ve purchased your home).  A home inspector can detect minor problems before they become a major problem.  And further so, a home inspector that has a thermal camera, has the ability to see beyond the normally visible. All Views Home Inspections, LLC uses a thermal imaging camera to accurately detect hot and cold spots in the home which can find many problems with a home that were not visible to the naked eye.  This can save you thousands down the road in water damages, energy efficiency, overheating electrical circuits, etc…

We have compiled a list of articles on home maintenance, energy efficiency, tips for buying and selling your home, etc… We are always educating ourselves and keeping up with the latest information, so check back often for new articles.

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